Product history

Generation Z20

  • Since 2018
Z20 Motor
Akku Z20
Display Z20

Since 2018, many bicycle manufacturers have been using our new Z20 System in their bicycle models. Our motor has been newly developed and revised. With the new generation we also offer a semi-integrated battery version.

Generation Z15

  • Since 2016

Recently, neodrives has received an extended face lift after four successful years on the market. The new colour display gives the MMI a modern look. In combination with a scratch-free LCD screen and the new robust housing, high quality and functional safety is achieved. A new smartphone app with Bluetooth connection to the LCD and the new operating satellite make the neodrives system even more useful and convenient.

Generation Z10

  • 2012-2015

Alber GmbH, founded in 1986, is a specialist for light-weight and user-friendly electric mobility. Since 2012 Alber has also been successful in the e-bike market with the new brand neodrives.